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BGF CSA - Newsletter Week 2

Posted 6/16/2010 8:28am by Scott Farabaugh.

Greetings BGF CSA Members,

School is out and our older children are busy helping around the farm. It is a sight to look out across the crop fields and see the variance of green color with specks of children! We are blessed.

You will be getting spinach again this week. Enjoy it as this is the end of the first planting. We did a second planting, but we're not sure if it will prosper. Keep your fingers crossed.

Also, we've heard that late blight has hit the area. A farmer in Nicktown and one in Sommerset have crops that have suffered this terrible disease. To those of you members who are veggie gardeners, please watch out for it. If you happen to see it on your plants, especially tomatoes, pull the affected plants so as not to contaminate additional plants. After pulling affected ones, you can plants new ones in their place. You may want to even spray them with copper fingucide - organic ones are available but not easily found. Pray for a week of hot, dry weather for the sun is the only sure cure to kill blight.

What you may expect to find in your box this week:
green onions
salad mix
head lettuce
garlic scapes

Culinary Corner

  • always wash your produce!  Though we grow organic crops, neighboring farms may not. Besides, you always want to rid the dirt from your produce.
  • remember last week we explained that the part of the crop we provide is always edible. Some people want to trim their produce too much. Like the green portion of the green onion IS edible, so, too, is the green portion of a garlic plant called garlic scapes. It is important to clip the scapes so the nutients of the plant are channeled to growing a bigger bulb rather than a bigger plant. the scapes have a mild garlic flavor and can be used much like the tops of scallions (green onions). They are nice to use as a garnish.


Broccoli Soup

1 T butter
1/4 cup chopped onion
3 cups chicken broth
6 oz. Kluski noodles
pepper to taste
12 oz. fresh chopped broccoli
1 garlic scape or 1/2 crushed garlic clove 
3 cups milk
6 oz. velveeta cheese

In large saucepan, heat oleo and saute onions. 
Add broth and bring to boil.
Gradually add noodles so that broth continues to boil.
Cook uncovered 3 minutes, stirring occasionally.
Stir in broccoli and garlic and cook 4 minutes.
Add milk, cheese and pepper.
Do not boil.
Continue cooking until cheese melts, stirring constantly.
Yields 4 servings.  

Have a great week!

Scott & Chrissy Farabaugh