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BGF CSA - TEST & Update

Posted 5/27/2013 12:34pm by Scott Farabaugh.

Hello Blue Goose Farm CSA Members,

Thank you, again, for joining our 2013 CSA Season
. It is our hope that you, your family, and friends will enjoy the produce we have to offer.  This letter provides confirmations and expectations – there are over 200 families to coordinate and feed, and only one farmer…we appreciate your cooperation.

We were off to a great start to our planting season. The greenhouse was filled and lush. Everything seemed to be transplanting to the fields nicely. Then Mother Nature stepped in. She has certainly tested us with her extreme weather lately - warm, sunny days – nighttime frost - intense, windy rains – nighttime freeze…and then repeat. But times like these test a farmer’s ability to survive. And that he will do!

The season will begin as scheduled - the week of June 10th.  And the pick-up process will be the same as previous years - go to your designated location on the same day each week during the specified times. At each pick-up site, there is a clipboard holding a sheet of paper listing each member at the site. We ask that you take one box and check off your name from the clipboard list. This will help us identify who has missed a pick-up. The boxes are NOT personalized. All boxes are the same in share size and content. And if someone is picking up a box for you, be sure to inform him/her of this procedure.

As we only have a limited supply of boxes, we ask that you bring totes or grocery bags in which to place boxed items. Remember to bring them with you each week! We ask that you NOT take boxes- this is our way to help curb cost and to be mindful of our earth.

Also, each week you will receive an e-newsletter. This weekly feature includes a list of items to expect in your box that week, a recipe or two highlighting particular items in that box, news from the farm, and any reminders along the way.

We will send out pick-up reminders before the start week. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. We appreciate your cooperation.

Enjoy your week,

Scott & Chrissy Farabaugh