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Blue Goose Farm CSA 2019 Registration NOW OPEN

Posted 2/10/2019 2:27pm by Scott Farabaugh.
Hello ~
        It’s that time of year again!  We are ready and making preparations for our 12th CSA season.  At Thanksgiving, when everyone else starts counting down the days to Christmas, we start counting backwards the days to maturity on seed packets to plan out our upcoming planting for the year.  You may not believe it, but seeds have already been planted in the greenhouse so they’ll be ready for transplant come spring.
        Our CSA program will continue to operate the same way it has been, but with a few improvements.  The cost will remain the same, $325 for Early Bird and $350 after April 1.  PayPal is available on our website again. (That was a convenience many members, even new ones, appreciated.)  We will also continue our referral program, whereby you receive $20 for each referral you provide us who signs up.  Last summer, we offered a vacation option, whereby you informed us of a vacation and you could make up that missed box later.  The overall concept worked, but it caused a bit of chaos in the logistics week-to-week, and especially during the final week of deliveries.  We are streamlining it for better efficiency.  This year, if you take a vacation within the first 9 weeks, you are to schedule your make-up box within those first 9 weeks (or you simply get your box in Week 9). If you take vacation within the second 9 weeks, you are to schedule your make-up box within those second 9 weeks (or you simply get your box in Week 18).
        We are doing away with the weekly newsletter this year.  We are usually slow to fall into the media groove, but we have seen the success of other CSA farms who use Instagram.  Our plan is to send out updates on the farm through our own Instagram account, so give us a look at bluegoosefarmnicktown.  What we do on the farm can be better explained through pictures and a short caption, than with a two-page newsletter.  Our hope is that it will make it easier for us to send you more frequent updates. Recipes will still be available but just not each week. They will be available on the website, and occasionally on our Instagram page.  And we’d sure like it if members send in a few to share!  We are thinking of doing a field day on our farm.  A field day is when volunteers come out to a farm to help with a harvest.  We would make it available over a weekend, for a half a day, and members could get a feel for what we do and see the farm. We have not worked out all of the details just yet, but it would happen most likely around the time of our bigger harvest crops: garlic and onions, which are ready 2 weeks apart in July; and winter squash, which are ready around Labor Day.
        We are looking forward to a better year than the wet one we had last year.  We are hopeful that the improvements we are implementing will be beneficial.  Our deliveries begin the first week of June.  When you are ready to apply, the brochure and application may be accessed through these links.  So join us to eat through the season in 2019!  

Thank you ,

Scott and Chrissy Farabaugh